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"In which an important thing doesn't happen!" the page is titled. Ideas? Should the alarm be sounding?

Rodford Smith:
Is the important thing which does not happen her getting fed? :-)

"Mmmmh… noooooo. Tired. Bug Kendra…"

"Nnnnhhh! Piotyr whyyyyy? I was up laaaate… go back to sleeeep…"

"Euugh - Aaaagh!"

"Gross Piotyr! No fair!"

"You know doggy breath is cheating, right?" yawns Bina, trying to pull her thoughts together. First, the obvious. "I expect…" she yawns again, "You'll be wanting breakfast then, hmm?"

Piotyr thumps her several times in the side with her tail and leans on her. Of course Piotyr knows what breakfast is.

"Yeah, I thought so. Come on."