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>Kendra: Don't think about it. Breath in, breath out. Time travel is afoot, that's all you need to know.

"I'm OK!" says Kendra, wincing as two separate memories try to occupy the same piece of brain tissue.

Add comparing timelines to the in-Moment to-do list. No need for further delays, and they can go over in more detail with more time. Seems to be just the officers, but being caught unawares by any other changes would be unfortunate.

"Really," she says, hoping it's true. "I'm fine, this isn't a bad one. Just… tripped on a little time travel landmine there. Don't tell the others. Not 'till we're safe."

"Oh…kay?" says Emmie, sounding very confused.

"Come on, lets get out of here before Amie explodes…"


Chaz Wallace:

Yeah, but it had only been up for a couple of days so don't feel bad about it.

RETCON!! :D When was this updated? I've been looking through occasionally since we got back from the jump and hadn't seen anything, but I started at the basement scene and haven't made my way up to that scene yet.

I knew you'd like it! :)

Hi again! Just caught up. I started reading right before the migration, then lost track for a bit. I like how the website has turned out.

Hey! Thank you so much for tracking us down. It really bums me out that the MSPA forums are still down, but it did give me the kick in the pants I needed to make this site.

If you're looking for other refugees from the forums, a lot of us are still around on Eagletime and Omegaupdate.

Vincent Van Laak:
One was missed and still says Edwards (and "female cop") but that's the only one I've seen

Also here (Edwards watching instead of Castillo)

Thank you! There's always something. I updated the one that Vincent found, but I read ForestGardener's reply too late to fix it tonight (and I haven't forgotten about Bina's leg mixup at the start of this scene, thank you for reminding me earlier).