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"So this is like… your TARDIS console?"

"Yeah! Except it's a real console, like, a programming one."

"It's nice…" says Amie.

"It's made of light!" says Bina. "Hard light!"

"I know! I said it's very nice."

"You had a tone."

"It's just - the Doctor Who consoles had style, you know? All the dials and the wooshy thing?"

"This one has style! I wrote it in jQuery!"

"Oh, yeah." says Emmie. "I forgot to mention. Your cop friend is all right as well."

"What? Oh! Right, yeah, all of that," Kendra wipes water from her forehead. "Jeeze. I'd almost forgotten."

"Bunch of scrapes, and what is going to turn out to be some spectacular bruises, but she's fine."


+1 New Reader (me) Now back to the TARDIS! See how much space is left now. Also I did fan art

Aah! That is so great! Thank you DragonScale46! I love how fighty she looks!