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"Kendra? You got it?"

"Yeah, hold on - "

After some shuffling of grocery bags between various hands, Kendra manages to fish the watch out of her back pocket.

Dave Rapp:
I feel like Amie's going to be disappointed. The outside of the TARDIS is so… tiny. Plain, even. And then the inside is so boring! It doesn't even have the round things!

"That's it?" asks Amie.

"Yes," says Bina, a little defensively, taking the device. She considers asking 'What did you expect?' but she already knows the answer.

"It's bigger on the inside, right?" asks Amie. "'Cause otherwise I'm going to need to get really serious about my diet real quick."

"Yes!" says Bina, "It's bigger on the inside, and… oh, uh -"

Warn Amy about the dematerialization if you touch the outer walls. (Because we all know that the first thing Amy is going to do once aboard is run around and explore)

Oh, yeah

Unclever title:
Definitely this.

As I said 9 days ago, "Please keep your arms and legs inside reality at all times."

Sky Lily:
Yes, this, I second this immediately.


"About that - I should probably mention a few things real quick, just so we don't have any accidental decaptitations…"