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"We got the food!" says Amie.

"Yeah," says Bina. "How?! I thought you'd end up raiding the cafeteria."

"There's a grocers just 'round the corner and -"

Is Emmie coming, or will there be no medical professionals at all?

"Sorry Amie - Bina, where's Emmie?" asks Kendra.

"He ran back to get his bag."

"OK," says Kendra, looking a little frayed around the edges to Bina. "That's OK. I'm just - I'm feeling kind of exposed here. We've been in one place way too long."

"Yeah," says Bina, who had been feeling much the same way. "Time to move."

"Does this mean we finally get to see your TARDIS?" asks Amie, not able, in the least, to mask her excitement.


I need to actually practice painting. I think that would probably help.