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> Can you make it over to the offices?

Probably, the loader isn't doing the spooky pulsing thing any more. She creeps the rest of the way forward and around the edge of the bucket, careful not to touch it.

> Is Gregor still standing at the top of the ramp or has he come down to look for you more directly?

Uh, yeah. He's down here all right.

For a big guy, he must move like a cat. She didn't hear him slide down the ramp.

That's… unsettling.

> Avoid being seen at all costs, but head toward the offices.

Right. OK.

She can do this.

She can do this…

Bina slips, as quiet as she can, between the loader and the first pile of stuff.

So far so good, the dog-thing is holding his attention. He's just standing sorta staring at it.

She nudges the tarp-wrapped pile and it feels like… sandbags? The big ones, for preventing major flooding. What would they need these for?