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"Pretty deep."

"How deep?" insist Mel, her voice getting louder.

"Mel!" says Kendra, looking around. They should be attracting attention, but the small grocers is almost empty.

"How deep!? This is dangerous."

Vincent Van Laak:
I was fated to die in that stupid Laundromat. Bina… did the impossible to save me.

"I owe Bina a lot, my life, at the very least, and more then that," says Kendra. "More then I can easily explain, and she is stuck. No backing out, no running away. Not for her."

"And you?"

Vincent Van Laak:
It feels like there is a lot more impossible that needs doing, and she… can't do it alone.

"I just told you, I owe her - there's a lot left to do and - well, you've seen her. What do you think? What happens to her if I leave?"

"You can't protect someone from themself Kendra."