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"Look," says Bina. "I think - we can deal with that, right?. We don't want to stay here Kendra."

"You're right. The trick Piotyr just pulled - I didn't think she could do that."

"Me neither."

"If she can do what you do, even imprecisely, that changes the playing field a lot in their favour."

"Piotyr?" asks Melissa.

"I think that's the gunman" says Emmie.

"No, that's Gregor, Piotyr's his dog," says Bina. "Look, I - crap, those guys in the tunnel were really dead weren't they? I have to call Director back."

"OK," says Kendra, not arguing. "Amie, is Elizabeth's phone still working?"

"Uhh… let me - surprisingly yes! Are we going to use your TARDIS?!"


"Yeah, we're going to use our TARDIS. How much time do you need Bina? For the phone-call."

"Gimme… fifteen minutes? I need to tell her about the people in the tunnel and then I need her to do some stuff for me."

"OK, I can work with fifteen minutes. Mel? Emmie? Is there anywhere around here we can get several days worth of food very quickly?"