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"Yes!" says Bina, then "Ouch!"

"Bina?" asks Amie

"I'm not moving 'cause Mel says I can't and also she's holding my foot!"

"You can take the shoes."

"Amie can bring them to her, she's not getting up again," says Mel. "This foot needs an x-ray. So does your knee."

"Can't do it," says Bina.

"This is deep enough you could have torn a tendon or chipped something."

"Still can't."

"And why not?"

"Monster reasons," says Bina, striving for a stern tone of voice.

"You know, that's not actually an explanation."

"OK! So umm, right, don't be mad," says Amie, worming her way around Kendra and Emmie who are standing by the door. "But they were the only ones your size."

She holds them up.

>Find only Crocs in the ugliest shade of green.

There is a moment of stunned silence from the entire room.

"Of course," says Bina. "How could I have ever imagined that I could possibly wear anything else?"