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It's several minutes later.

"Just sit there and don't move."

"Like, at all?"

"At all! You should still be in bed. Heck, you should be dead, with how high that fever got. Kendra, towels now, she's damp. You let someone recovering from a major fever get damp."

"That is what rain does Mel," says Kendra. "It's known for it."

"Towels! Now!"

"On it."

"And you managed to do this to yourself how?" she asks Bina.

"I stepped on a tooth."

"A what?"

"A tooth. Like this."

Bina shows her the tooth.

"Jesus, is that from a fricking dinosaur?" says Melissa, suitably impressed. "You are an injury magnet."


"Tell me I'm wrong."

"It was a dog!"

"Mel, your bedside manner is awful," says Kendra. "Also, here are the towels.""

"Dry her hair - and for your information, my patients are unconscious when I meet them," says Melissa. "Bedside manners are for people who are awake, and for people who don't step on dinosaur teeth after just getting up from a near lethal illness."

"It was a dog - Kendra, have you told her what's going on yet?"

"Stay still," says Melissa.

"I am!"

"When, exactly, would I have had time to tell her what's going on?"

"That… is a valid point."

"I think the fact that I'm not actually shaking answers out of the both of you right now should get me a goddam medal," says Melissa. "Hand me that tape - no, not that one the tape - yes - what was I saying… right! - In the last two hours, I've had a gun pointed at me, I nearly got eaten by zombies, and then, just to make things even better, my idiot sister decides to just jump out of the goddam building and disappear for half an hour."

"It was fifteen minutes, and I was pushed."

"That makes it better!?"

"I think a little, yeah."

Literally Everyone:

"Bina!" says Amie, from the hall. "I found you shoes!"