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"There's no chance we could just use the Moment to escape this is there?" asks Kendra. "I have it right here, we could just…"

She trails off.

"Uhh - what is happening?" says Bina.

"We jumped out of a building," says Kendra.

"Uh huh?" says Bina, only child.

"And then disappeared for fifteen minutes."

"Right," says Amie, also an only child.

"Oh forget it," says Kendra standing up.

"Hey! Mel! I'm um - here. I'm OK. Everything's fine!"


T'was the night before Christmas. And all through the factory.
Not a Naught was stirring, not even Naught Gregor(y)
The Moment was hung 'round some protag's neck with care.
In hopes that it would save their derriere.

Our Piotr was nestled all snug in Bina's head.
With visions of her future trying to make Bina dead.
And Bina in her dream scarf, and the pup in her lap
Had just settled for a dream/memory nap.

(About 9 stanzas of re-writing later)

She sprang off the elevator, gave the Naughts the finger
And away she did fly, and did not linger.
But Kendra heard her say, with an exclamation of pain

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Whatever, everyone. I hope you lot have a good holiday!

You are a treasure Juddy. Thank you. :)

Happy Holidays everyone.