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> Kendra: Relent. Okay, not the greatest thing ever, but it was good thinking in a pinch. After all, you could've had two people with injured feet rather than one otherwise.

"All right," says Kendra. "Sorry. However we get them, shoes are important. You did the right thing Amie, otherwise you could be sitting here with cut-up feet as well. Getting Bina some footware is job number one."

"What did you even step on Bina?" asks Amie.

"Oh!" says Bina, remembering. "This."

She pulls out the offending object.

"Holy crap," says Kendra. "Is that - ?"

"Evil undead time dog tooth?" suggests Bina. "Yes, that is precisely what this is."

"Something hurt her?" asks Amie. "I thought she was invincible."

"Me too," says Bina.

"Hmm," hums Kendra, pursing her lips and staring at the tooth.


"Well - if I had to guess, I don't think it was the cops down in the tunnel who did that."