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Dave Rapp:
We are going to get Bina some shoes. And then we are going to get a very, very large can of bug spray.

I second the finding of shoes as Priority One.

"First we have to get Bina shoes," says Kendra. "Then all we need to do is find the biggest can of bug spray in the world and -"

"That's never going to work," sighs Amie, and then, for some reason Bina doesn't understand, flinches.

"Do you have a better idea?" asks Kendra. "And how exactly did you end up with shoes? You were in your pyjamas when we jumped the first time."

"Ohh," says Amie, the haunted expression on her face changing to that of simple guilt.

"I have shoes now but - uh - well - Doctor Jordan Shipman, hospital clerk, does not. At least, she does not have extra shoes, under her desk, any more."

"Is that also where you got the labcoat?"

"Yeeeeesss…?" says Amie, drawing the word out, before continuing. "She wasn't using it!"

"And I am sure everyone would understand if you told them that," says Kendra, sarcasm crystallizing in the air around her. "That's how possessions work, right?"

"Kendra, be nice," says Bina.