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"You look very pale, are you feeling dizzy?"

"A little."

"OK, tell me if you're feeling faint, and if you feel like you're going to pass out, try to tip sideways and not forwards, OK? Cracking your chin on the floor wouldn't be a great addition to the situation I don't think."


"This is very deep," says the nurse whose name Bina hasn't caught. "Does it hurt when I do this?"


"I asked if it hurts when I do this?"

He does something to her foot.

"Not really."

"Hmm," he frowns and looks down at her foot.

"But I'm on a lotta painkillers," says Bina.

"For this?" he asks. She'd told him it had just happened a few minutes ago.

"No, for my - for something else. I'm getting over an infection."

"Oh," he says, his confused expression telling her that he wasn't seeing the connection there. "Well I think we should take some x-rays, just to be safe. With how deep this is, it might have chipped a bone or compromised one of your tendons, which, considering where it is, could do some nasty things to your foot if we left it alone."

"An x-ray?"


"I don't know if I have time…"

"This is… pretty important. You have a puncture wound, they can be really nasty."

"You don't say?" says Bina.


Dark Vector:
"I will dear, but ost people went home." Is that meant to be most? Love the comic btw.

Hi Dark Vector! Thanks! Yes, definitely intended to be 'most'. Thank you for reading! :)