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"So what did you step on?"

"It was pretty big, like a big nail."

"Was it a nail?"

"Not exactly."

"I'm asking because if it was metallic, we'll need to get you a tetanus shot."

"I should probably get one of those anyway. It was really, um, not the cleanest where I was walking."

"I can see that, I'm going to need more wet wipes. Were you just not wearing any shoes?"

"Er… no."

"You'll have to forgive me for saying, but that was not a particularly clever decision."

"I know…"

"Can you page my sister? She's a surgical nurse here at the hospital. And my friend Emmie, he's an anesthesiologist. I need to let them know that I'm here."

"I will dear, but most people went home."

"They won't have."

"Do you have their extension numbers?"

"I do, yeah, here."