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Amie, Bina, or Kendra: Ask what time it is, or check the phone to find out.

"Wait, hazmat's already been and gone?" asks Amie. "What time is it?"

"You're the one with the phone," says Kendra.

"Oh yeah!" says Amie.

"Come on Bina, triage is this way."

Amie pulls out the phone.

It's 8:01pm, about twenty minutes after they left.

"I guess hazmat must have come while we were eating pizza," says Amie, to herself. Their trip to the past had been about fifteen minutes long.

"Amie! Come on!" calls Kendra.


Small update tonight. It is very cold in Montreal and the people who live below me are on vacation and did not leave their heat on. My floors are blocks of ice.

It is so cold in here that my fingers are numb and I can barely draw. Going to bed now.