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"OK! We're going!" says Kendra, pleased to see the talkative police officer release the grip on the handle of his pistol. "Amie, help me. Amie?"

"Right! OK!"

Bina: "Would the words Celadon Jungle mean anything to you?"

Dave Rapp:
Actually, "Make sure they don't step on anything important" sounds like something people worried about time travel paradox might say. Somebody say Celadon Jungle!

"Hey," Bina says to the older man in the rain slicker, as Amie and Kendra help her to her feet. "Do you know what 'Celedon Jungle' is?"

"I'm sorry young lady," he says, speaking for the first time. "I'm afraid I don't keep up with all the new music these days."

"This way please, and stay on the sidewalk and away from those tarps. You really don't want to piss off the Lieutenant any further. This has been a bad enough day for everyone already."