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>Stick with the red-scribbles-on-the-map plan. Er… the first lot of red scribbles.

Do not go back to the laundromat, stick to the old plan and get as far as way as you can. Do not let Gregor see you. It will be curtains when he does.

Ok ok… she's going. She's going.

Bina turns around, moving slow so as to not make any noise. She creeps, back bent, between the tractor and the wall.

It's a bit claustrophobic, but there's enough space for a small person to slip between the oversized tires and the rough wood shoring supports of the wall.

Oh shit.
Look at the outline of the truck.
I'm not sure it's a truck.


Holy crap! The tractor is pulsing, a slow steady throb.

She chokes back a noise and flings herself away from it.

As her hand leaves the tractor, she feels a popping sound in her ears and a brief but intense moment of vertigo.

The tractor goes still, inert.

Her wrist tingles and itches.

What the heck is going on?


A little late tonight. Apologies. It seems that today is the day that photoshop decided to give me a heart attack by appearing to corrupt my file.

Mental note. Make more backups!