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Okay, I think Bina should take the path drawn in red, keeping low and only moving from hiding spot to hiding spot when there's little/no chance of being spotted. She can hide behind the 'Stuff' and the office building. If the entrance is on the other side she can try to get in but if the door is locked then she should get up the ramp and over/through the fence somehow.

Bina decides to try the office first, but if it's locked she'll try for the big ramp.

>Depending on where Gregor goes, you might be able to circle round and run back into the laundrette. If you can get in there and smash a window, getting out would be easy!

Wait, that's not a bad idea…

She scratches her arm for a second, thinking.

She'd have to scrabble up the laundry ramp. That won't be fun, or easy, or quiet, but she's pretty sure she could make it back up. Going that way would, give her a chance to try to free the traffic woman, which is something she'd very much like to do.

Revised plan, she'll head for the offices first, but if he moves far enough into the construction site, and it looks like it's safe, then she'll try doubling back.

Argh, she's spent too long thinking. No time to find a better hiding spot.

Hide behind it. That way you can still get away easily if you need to.

Bina slips behind the engine block of the Loader as Gregor appears at the top of the ramp to the laundry. He's still got the danged shovel.

He calls out. For a second, Bina is paralyzed with fear. He's seen her? Already?

But no.

He's just guessing that she can hear him. His eyes scan the construction site, but he doesn't seem to see her crouched behind the Loader.

Not yet at least.

He says that she should not be being afraid. He knows this is much confusing yes? He was confused too when Green Lady is touching him, too. Confused for many days.

Do not be worry. The confusion, it goes away. Everything becomes clear.

That… doesn't sound good.


This panel was a bit of a test to see if I could mesh these two styles together.

Not sure if it's working.