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> Kendra: What are the lights in this section of the tunnel like? If you can't restore the sheeting, could you take out the lights and hide it in darkness?

"Amie, get the lights."


"I know they'll still be able to see the factory, but at least they won't see the dead people. It's not a good solution but this sheeting is going to take a second."


"Aaaand now I can't see," says Bina.

"Sorry!" says Kendra. "Just, you know, trying to save our lives."

"It's fine!" says Bina. "I'm fine! All good! Ow…"

Kendra shows us how stone-cold she can really be…she takes shoes from the corpse-bits and hands them to Bina.

"Look, can you grab that guys boots?" asks Kendra.

"What?" asks Amie.

"For Bina. If I put this down I'm never getting it back on the wall."