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Can't believe I didn't notice it before.

>There's a giant dirt ramp for the industrial equipment to drive on to get into the construction site. Just go up that and hop the fence.

I think he mentioned it's as steep as the one Bina just slid down, so she can't ascend it?

It's not too steep to climb, but its all the way across the construction site from the laundry ramp. It's about forty, maybe fifty, meters away right now, and not easily reachable without being visible to Gregor.

For the moment, her plan is to creep around the edges of the sinkhole. There are piles of… stuff near there, some of which she recognizes as timber pallets, but its too dark to make out the rest. Whatever it is, she can use as cover, and try see if there's anyone who can help her in the portable offices.

Their lights are on, so maybe someone's working late. Even if they're not, there's got to be a phone, or a computer, or something she can use to call for help. She mentally kicks herself, for the fourth time, for leaving her cellphone back at her apartment.

If that doesn't work, she'll try for the ramp, but well…

That fence looks way too high to vault, especially in bina's condition.

… she really doesn't want to have to climb that fence.