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"They missed the giant monster dog?" asks Amie.

"You've seen how fast she is," says Bina. "And she doesn't make noise sooo…."

"Also, there's the thing where nobody expects to see a giant dog on your way home from work."

"That too," says Bina. "She went down onto the tracks, right?"

"Yeah," says Kendra. "Over this way."

"Then that's where we're going…"

"Good god, Bina, are you somehow down here in your bare feet?"


"How did you manage this?"

"I just had the Hello Kitty socks and then they got all full of time goo so I took them off and -!"

"Right," says Kendra. "Of course you did. Well, be careful with your feet because, you know, this is sharp gravel down here, I guess. God dammit!"

"So none of us are like, worried or anything, about maybe getting hit by a train, or something? Right?" asks Amie.

"No," says Bina.

"Good! 'Cause I am also confident about this! Yay!"