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> Let's play hide-and-go-seek.

> Hide. Just running isn't exactly the smarted idea with your injuries.

Hiding it is, now where to go…?

I vote getting in the earth-mover and going on a Heavy Equipment Rampage.

>Go hiding-spot hopping. Hide in the shadows for now, but don't stay too long in any one spot. Take the opportunity to rest, but don't let Gregor catch you. In fact, I'd advise that you hide behind the bulldozer first.

> Hide in that bulldozer! If it has the keys in it you can run over your foes.

It's not a bulldozer, or an earth-mover, it's a loader. They're all sorta the same thing, as they are just different types of tractors, but loaders are more flexible because the bucke- you know? Now is probably not the time to be going to the details of construction equipment design.

Bina heads for the large machine.

Normally they keep these things carefully locked up pretty tight, as having an eight-year-old nick one and take it for a joyride is an excellent way for your entire construction company to lose their insurance.

Just to be clear, Bina is NOT speaking from personal experience here.


Definitely not. Nobody was ever able to prove anything!

Her dad was SO mad!


This one here, it looks like it might have been trapped down here when the sinkhole opened up in front of the ramp. These things are heavy, and expensive, and they might not have risked moving it out of here if they couldn't be sure the ground wouldn't collapse beneath it.

So just maybe….

… damn, no dice. The door is locked.


Oh my goodness Jack-frac, your art looks so good coloured! I love it! <3

Anywho, the colored art looks great! (all the art looks great, but you know extra great)

Thank you both for saying that because wow, this is INCREDIBLY time consuming.