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"Where is everyone?" asks Amie. "Did she scare everyone off?"

"Nope," says Kendra. "I'd say that's our problem right there."

"The powers out," says Bina. "We really should start expecting it at this point."

"You feel that? The power here is out but the trains are still running," says Kendra. "No idea how."

"They're on a different network," says Bina. "The brownouts are probably being caused by individual components like transformers overloading or losing power to the cracks. If we can get down to track level, there will probably be lights on."

"We just have to get there," says Amie. "In the dark. Hurray…"


I caught up last month and am finally going to comment - yay! Thank you for such a wonderful comic. :D

Hi PhoenixZen! Thank you so much for reading!