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Dave Rapp:
What would you accomplish by doing so?

"Why?" asks Amie. "It's not like we can do anything to her."

"No," says Bina. "Probably not, but we might be able to stop her from creating a lot of paradox."

"Is that actually a bad thing?" asks Kendra.

"I mean, if she creates too much paradox, won't she just die? I mean, it's sad, she's a dog, and probably doesn't really know what she's doing, but she's also a horrible monster."

"Not necessarily," says Bina.

"Not a bad thing or not a monster?"

"No, I mean, she's not necessarily the one who suffers the paradox."


"Paradox doesn't ground through the person who causes it."

"Oh… right."

"It happened to you, AND you read all my journals!"

"I didn't read all of them - but - crap!" says Kendra. "She only suffers the paradox if she changes her own past, right?"

"Yeah. Remember when we went back and you hit me with a phone and then we got the backpack that Twelve left us? We forgot to change something in the office, which made a paradox. I was fine, because I'd never gone in there, but you -"

"- passed out. Yeah. So if she changes our past -"

"- we get hit."

Fetch the Hound!

What else is there to do? Follow the Hound!

Follow the dog.

"We have to go after her," groans Kendra.

"We do, in fact, have to go after her," agrees Bina.

"Oh goodie…" says Amie. "This sure is a great idea… yay!"