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> Where's the dog?

"Where's the dog?" asks Kendra.

"She went that way," says Bina, pointing. "You can see the trail in the gravel, but shh! We have to be quiet."

"She has to know we're coming after her."

"It's not that," says Bina. "We're jumping without a saftey circuit and we don't know how far back we've gone. If we cause too much paradox the only insulation we have is our own greymatter, and I'm not interested in putting my brain in a blender again."

"Christ, right, what is she even trying to do back here? We're going to get squeezed out in a minute."

"I have no idea," says Bina. "Are you OK Amie?"

> Amie: Quote the Tenth Doctor – "Time travel without a capsule. Nasty. Catch your breath, don't go swimming for half an hour."

Amie as she struggles to her feet mutters, "Time travel without a capsule. Nasty. No swimming!" She then breaks into a fit of muffled histerical giggles before stopping dead and saying, "Oh god, I think I might throw up again."