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Chapter 14: Commence without further ado.

We like to have as little ado as possible around here.


Anna Vacha:
Zach, every day when I look at this comic during my first lull at work, I send out a thought of thanks for your time and effort, time and effort that you give so freely, and that is so appreciated. Not always do I consider the mental and emotional fortitude that it takes to push yourself night after night. Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal said recently that creativity is like breathing, you inhale and exhale. In some ways the past few years must have felt like one giant exhale. Thank you for breathing life into these characters, and thank you for your daily titanic task of creating incredible content! It is such a gift, and so appreciated!

I'm at a loss for suggestions at the moment, but I just wanted to say: Zach, the thanks to your art teacher is pretty awesome, and I really liked the anecdote. Also, I'm still loving the story. I just really want everything to work out all right for our heroes in the end.

Wolph Strykes:
I second the thank you to Zach for sharing the anecdote, as well as kudos to your awesome art teacher, and sooo much thanks for sticking with these updates even through the bad art days, ear infections, and gods know what else you've suffered through over the years!

As a teacher I third this. Usually we never know if we made any difference or what students will remember and take away. I'm sure Zimmerman would be proud of this, we sure love it.

Thank you everyone! Most of the days doing this are good, but like anything, there are rough patches. Thank you.

And thank you Batness for being a teacher. That is not an easy job.

No dream sequence, not this time. Not yet…