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Bina's hand twinges and itches and the Hound opens her mouth. It is not a roar, or a scream, for the Hound is as silent as ever. It is, Bina thinks, an unveiling. Above the rain, in a wave, rises the smell of burned stone.

For a second, as the unlight paints the street in a colour that is not entirely real, Bina can feel the Hound's eyeless regard. It is only for an instant, but the hounds head tracks to her window and holds there in a moment, perhaps, of acknowledgement, but then she turns away.

Above all else, Bina remembers, the Hound is a creature of purpose, and her job here is not yet done.


Wild Snivy:
W-where'd the next button go?
Woo, finally caught up! I found this comic almost a month ago while trying to find a way to fill the home stuck a shaped hole in my heart.

Hi Wild Snivy! Glad you caught up! Thanks for reading! I watched the Epilogue that came out this week and I got all maudlin. I miss Homestuck too.

I hope you still around and make suggestions!