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"Are you still there?"

"Yes," says the Director, still calm. The line still open. Bina wonders, for a second, what kind of life someone has to have had to sound that collected after gunfire, and explosions, and violence.

"Two things and quickly," says Bina, staring down at a thin smear on the pavement that was, just a few seconds ago, a living human being. "You need to contact the police and tell them that under no circumstances are they to approach or attack a large white creature. Shaped sort of like a dog and about the size of a panel van. No matter what it's doing. It will ignore them if they leave it alone, if they don't, it will kill them, and bullets don't stop it."

"All right," says the Director, and does not ask questions. "The second thing?"

"I need a way to contact you. I'm about to lose this phone."


"Because the giant dog is about to time travel."