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"Is everyone ok?" yells Kendra.

"Uhh… yeah," says Emmie, setting his glasses back into place and making sure all his limbs are still attached. The creature's arm had nearly knocked him off his feet. "I'm good."

"Uhhh…" says Amie. "Holy shit. Hooooly shit!"



"Are you OK?"

"Y-yeah I'm good, just, you know, holy shit!"

"Castillo?" asks Edwards, bending over him. "You dead man?"

"No, not - getting rid of me that easy," says Castillo, in the short sharp words of someone in pain. "Got hit - part of the wall I think, or maybe a bus, but - my vest caught it. Just knocked the air outta me."

"Emmie? Can you check him."

"Already doing it."

"I need to see where she's going."

"Careful with the edge!" calls Amie.

"Just shut up and I'll be fine."