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Kendra: Grab your friends and run like hell!

She wants too, but the whole thing is over almost before begins. The Hound does not pause, she does not stagger, she does not react like an animal would to the incredible noise of the impact, to the violent disorientation of half the wall falling away.

She just moves, with a clarity of purpose that is, in some indefinable way, horrible to watch. An avalanche in the shape of a beast.

The wall implodes, spraying choking dust and shrapnel through the room and then, not even bothering to lever her enormous girth fully into the room, the Hound reaches out -

- and, in as many heartbeats, plucks Gregor from his bed -

- and is gone.


I drew Kendra today, if you wanna see:


I was trying to find something to draw for Inktober and I was inspired after reading this page :)

I do want to see! That's awesome! Thank you cloudqueen! :D