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"Thank you," says Bina. "For talking to me I mean. I'm sorry I'm not making much sense."

"You're doing fine," says the Director. "I presume that the scale of the temperature anomaly can be used as some kind of diagnostic tool."

"Uhh," Bina blanks on how to explain the whole 'cracks in time radiate outwards into the past as well as the future' over the phone without being able to resort to diagrams and interpretive dance.

"Yeah," Bina finishes after a few moments of awkward silence.

Anna Vacha:
>>Bina: Ask the director what exactly she was expecting from this conversation?!

"What did you expect from this conversation?" asks Bina. "You didn't expect meteorology so…" She herself hadn't been expecting to really talk to anyone. Maybe just a curt 'we have received your message' in reply to her text.

"More panic," says the Director, still typing.

"You've read my psych history," says Bina, her voice flat.

"No," lies the Director. "That would be illegal."


Anna Vacha:
I read that it was day 1234, and thought "wouldn't that be a cool post for me to catch up on?" But the definite lack of a "next" button must mean just that!

This has been a wonderful few weeks of reading! +1 reader for sure, thank you so much for this adventure.

Thanks Anna! I'm glad you caught up!

Liam White:
I hit my end.
So, as a fellow homestuck (from what I've heard, this started on the MSPA forums), I have to say. This is REALLY good. The time travel is relatively understandable, the characters as hilarious, serious, and relatable as they need to be, and the adventure has been one heck of a ride.
Now, as any homestuck would do, time to re-read from the beginning, now with comments!

Yes! We did start on the MSPA forums, and they are dearly missed. Thank you for reading and have fun reading it again!