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Chaz Wallace:
> Kendra "Maybe it it did, maybe it didn't but it at least kept her from dying.

"Well… look at it like this. You're probably also the reason she's still alive."

"I can't… I can't stop thinking Kendra!" says Amie. "How do I stop thinking!? I can't tell when I'm doing it and I don't have a lead baby sheet I can throw over my brain!"

"You think that would work? We could make you a hood or - "


"Well it won't now."


"It's OK, all right? We're figure it out. Just try not to say anything, you know, definitive OK? 'Cause that could get out of hand."

"Right," says Amie. "We wouldn't want that."

Which is when, with perfect timing, they are interrupted by the now familiar sounds of breaking glass and screaming.