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Ok, now REALLY check on Emmie.

"I'm checking on Emmie."

"Kendra wait!" says Amie.


Kendra: *explain* (Because I don't get it *sweats*)

I'm confused, how does the pizza relate to Gregor?

"Do you really think I did that?"

"Made me send pizza back in time? Yeah. I do. It's not something that would occur to me. I don't know what the rules are yet, but you're making things happen."

"But… I-I don't glow or have zombies or - or anything. Couldn't we be wrong about -"

"You saw what happened in the basement. Did any of that make sense to you?"

"I… guess?"

"Well that's a problem! Real life almost never makes sense! Things don't line up neatly in real life, or they line up too neatly in ways that nobody would actually believe if you wrote them down. People act erratically, yeah, but they seldom do so in ways that are cinematically interesting."

"Cinematically interesting?"

"We split up Amie. In a dark hospital full of monsters. We split up. All six of us were OK with that!"

"Oh," breaths Amie. "Jeeze. Did I… did I get Elizabeth shot? Was that me?"


Commenting for the first time - I absolutely love this, read it obsessively until I caught up about a week ago and have been reading the updates every day since!

Hey! Thanks BookNerd! I'm glad you decided to stick around! :)