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"I - what?"

"I've been sitting here trying to figure out why I decided to send pizza through time. The code? Fine, maybe we need that, but pizza!? That doesn't sound like me."

"Who does it sound like to you!?"

"You mean… maybe I went with you?"

"No. Amie! Stop playing dumb!"

"I - I might've… "

Amie: "Yeah I did, but what does that have to do with anything!?"

"It just crossed my mind… I was just standing there and - I didn't - I just thought that it'd be cool and - I didn't do anything Kendra! I was just hungry -"

"Well you did something this time!" says Kendra. "You just made Gregor invincible and a problem. Well done."


aaaaah I did it I caught up! This is suuuuch a good story. I love all the sciencey details in the time travel, and the use of different art styles, and the everything, it's gooood, man. I'm excited I'll be able to leave suggestions now!

Hi cloudqueen43! Thank you for reading and thank you for your various spelling and grammar corrections as you went along.

I started this like, two nights ago and tried to read it all in one sitting, resulting in being up until four in the morning. i failed but i still read it all in two days, so? i cant believe that i didnt catch that amie was a joke abt amy from DW tho. also: its my guess that kendra dragged amie off bc there's a degree of perception effects reality and amie may have just doomed them on handling gregor by repeatedly stating that its simply not possible to actually keep a hold of him.

Hi KitCat! Welcome to our primary temporal position.

I tried to do that with Worm when I read it and it went about as well as you'd expect. Big long internet stories like these are particularly bad in terms of 'just a few more pages' because they don't usually have good jumping off points like a novel would.

Oh thank god!! Im finally caught up and wont zone out while reading as hours pass!!!

Shit!!! Im all caught up and now there is nothing else to read!!!

…. Im also kinda worried, as i find myself staring compulsively at something that glows lime green… This comic….

Hi TheKindlyOnes! Love your name! Thank you for reading and welcome to the present.

And that is a very good point, this comic does glow green.

Aren't we lucky that it's entirely fictional.

Entirely fictional.

Not real at all…