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"Hold for the Director of Operations…"

Another click and Bina has time to wonder what kind of phone system they're running this operation on, it sounds like something from a 1950's spy drama, and then, without warning, there another voice on the line.

"Bina Miryala?" it asks. It is an old voice, a throaty voice, a smoker's voice, and a woman.


"Bina Miryala, the time traveller?"

She hesitates, but only for a moment.

"Yes," says Bina Miryala the time traveller, and knows that whatever hope she had for a regular future has just flown off, vanished, possibly forever.

"Good," says the voice.

"How can we help you?"


Chaz Wallace:
found this comic about a week ago, took me that long to read all of it. absolutely love this.

but instead of saying this a couple posts back i decided to make a suggestion, and then today one of them got used, twice. that made me ever so happy, and made what was a long night at work much better. (was on lunch when i read this strip.)

only thing i hope, is that when we reach the "end" that you'll continue a little ways and wrap up how everyone is, settles down etc after everything is finally over. too many comics end the wrap up with only a couple pages, no real details just a they got married lived happily ever after. I feel you'll probably do more than just that and examine the aftereffects of the trauma, how the relationships hold up or fall apart etc.

Hi Chaz! Thank you reading and for posting and well done on remembering the code word! I'm glad I could brighten your day.

I don't intend on ducking out too quickly at the end of all this. I want a proper denouement as well, though it will almost certainly be non-interactive.

Magic hobo:
Hooray, I had a slight influence on the comic!

You did! Thanks!