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>Tell the truth.

"I don't have it!" says Bina.

Bina: Inform them that 'Agent Miller' is currently unconscious due to surgery for a bullet wound. She was unable to give you a secret code word.

"She's unconscious! She didn't mean for me to call you or anything. I only got into this phone because of doing some really sketchy stuff with causality! I don't -"

"Then I'm afraid we can't help you," says the voice on the phone. It sounds tired.


Oh dear. Ask for context, perhaps? Maybe you didn't know it was a code word?

"Maybe she told me and I don't know. You can't give me a hint?!"

The voice is silent.

"OK," she thinks. "OK, OK, OK… I'll get it. Umm…"

Chaz Wallace:
What grows in the corpse of a day?

Words scrawled in running black letters…

"What grows in the corpse of a day?"

There is a pause.

"Is that-" starts Bina.

"That is not the code word."

The creature, it has to be.

"Botfly! Giant bug from space!"

"No, this isn't-"

Desperation, she grabs at straws -


Magic hobo:
Bina: The codeword is Mulder!

Okay… Sorry for this, but no one else has said it yet….. "Swordfish"

"Banana! Mulder! Swordfish!"

There is silence, and hope, and then it dies.

"This is a secure line. Interfering with an ongoing investigation is a-"

She has nothing. Why wouldn't Elizabeth tell her? Why wouldn't Kendra tell her? She sent a note from the future and she couldn't take the time to - and then a memory, like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky.

It had been dark and cold and Kendra had gone back to get a map -

- she'd gone back and she had grabbed papers in the dark, randomly, she'd gotten the map but also autopsies and dissection records, information about the investigation -

- and with those papers, a folder, and on that folder -

Chaz Wallace:
Celadon Jungle

"Celadon Jungle!" says Bina. "Celadon Jungle, that's the code word. Celadon Jungle."

There is silence, then a click.

"Thank you. Transferring you now."


Just caught up! This story is AMAZING, can't wait to see what happens!

Aah! Thanks nonchalantAnemone! Thank you for reading!