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The phone rings.

She'd expected the theme song, hoped for it, but it was just a ring. One of those brassy ones that sounds like phones did back when they had actual bells in them.

She answers the phone.



Like many others, I discovered this comic a few days ago through the ProjectWonderful ad, and was intrigued by the claim of an "interactive webcomic". Several days of binge reading later, I am finally caught up. I have not been disappointed. This is easily the most well done time travel webcomic I have ever read, and is definitely one of the under appreciated greats of the webcomic world. Kudos to you for creating such an interesting world and story. I'm excited to see where you take it.

Thanks Kwarrtz! That's high praise you're giving me there. Thank you for reading and catching up and commenting. :)

+1 reader, Started Monday and finally caught up with my Primary Temporal Position last night. Late last night. Haven't been sleeping nearly as much as I should this week and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. You can also +1 the Project Wonderful/ Interactive webcomic gets.

Nooo! I feel so guilty now. :)

Thank you for reading!

Dave Rapp:
Press 2 For Tentacles: alternate title for All Night Laundry. Other rejected titles: Legos Hurt; Gregor's Elaborate Dog Walking Adventure; Giant Bug From Space!

Hehehehe…. I laughed at all of these.