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Bina waits. She wonders about the person on the other end of this line. Is this their job? Do they get texts like this all the time?

Is this their only job? Do they just answer text messages from x-files agents? How do you even get that job, and what kind of response do you send to something like this?

Maybe it's just an automated system. "Press 1 if you know the extension of the person you are trying to reach, Press 2 for tentacles…"

She decides to give this theoretical person on the other end of the line a little help. If they're a real person, they're probably having a bad day, and don't know how to respond.

Nice wording Bina! All it's missing is a "Please Advise" on the end :P

She doesn't have to wait long after that.


There seems to be a rash of new readers lately, so +1 more! I absolutely adore time travel stories, and this is exceedingly well done, IMO. I wandered in from a Project Wonderful ad on one of the other webcomics I read; I don't usually go in for horror stories, but the description of it as "interactive" was intriguing. I am so, so, glad I started reading! I've been binging kind of obsessively for the past 3 days, whenever I wasn't working. Thank you for writing this! I'll join the throng waiting for each update as it happens!

Thanks LynziGraye!

Three days is fast. I am impressed.

Please stick around and make suggestions! You're the first person to tell me that the interactive part was what convinced you to check it out.

You beat Chimeric by like two hours. :)

Just FYI, I discovered All Night Laundry through one of the banner ads on Piperka (looks like they're from projectwonderful.com) and was curious as to what the hey an "interactive webcomic" was.

Thanks! Yeah, the Project Wonderful ads ended up being surprisingly widespread.

It seems the ads are working…

They did! I turned them off yesterday though, as I think we've hit a temporary saturation point for Project Wonderful, over the last week the click-through rate has dropped by about half.

I'm going to leave it for a week and see what happens. :)

I….I got caught up. I got caught up!! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!
*laughter breaks down into sobs* So many sleepless nights….
*pulls myself together* But that's just because the story is so good. I can't wait to see how the mysteries come together and how this will all eventually turn out. So, yeah, +1 reader. Woo!

Aah! Thanks Nerdling365!

I always have conflicted feelings when people tell me they, like, stayed up late reading because it's really flattering but also like - sleep is just so great.

I love sleep.

+1 more reader! I just spent the last three days catching up between readings for class and paper writing (really should have done more of that but, YOLO)!

YOLO indeed!

Thank you for joining us Moofius. You are also a scary-fast reader. :)

Wolph Strykes:
Y'know, I'd actually forgotten about the SWAT people… urgh. I need to replace this swiss cheese memory of mine with something better… maybe cheddar?

I recommend Gouda for memory personally. The Dutch know their cheese.