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>And now you know not to touch time plugs with your spooky-hand.

"And this is why we don't close time portals with our spooky hands," says Amie. "We use our regular hands for this task."

"Heh," says Bina, not really a laugh. "Yeah… The portal didn't close. Not entirely."

"What?" asks Kendra, "The one downstairs?"

"I went back down and checked, while you were, you know, busy with Elizabeth. You can still see the cracks even without unlight. They're faint, but they're there."

"I - this is the first I'm hearing of this."

"You were busy with Elizabeth."

"What does it mean?" asks Amie.

"I don't know," says Bina. "I asked Edwards to put some police tape over the door so nobody's going in there for right now, but…"

"Maybe it was open too long or something happened when Piotyr crashed into it as it was closing or…"

Bina takes a deep breath and leans back in her chair.

"… or maybe the fabric of time is just getting tired. I don't know."


So it looks like there's an interesting spread of reading strategies out there. Thank's for sharing everyone. I'm glad at least some people are using the RSS feed.

Really? You leave a tab open for each comic?

It's not as strange as it sounds. For myself, up until about six months ago I used a big stack of bookmarks that I'd pop open every few days and check for updates. Chrome has this 'Open all bookmarks in a new window" thing and it worked, but it wasn't really scalable.

I'm quite enjoying using feedly. I find both people who update really fast and people who update really slow hard to keep track of, and letting a computer do it for me helps immensely.

And I caught up….3+ years of a comic in a few days. Wow… Great stuff, gripping, baffling at times, but totally entertaining!

Hi Warboy! Glad you made it to the present. Thanks for reading! :)

And I'm caught up–This is an amazing story!!!!!

Hi Joseph! Glad you caught up! Thank you!