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"You know," says Amie. "I don't want to complain…"

"And yet I'm sure you will summon the strength to do so…"

"I'm just saying, the next time we send pizza through time, can we get one without olives?"


So hey everyone! I am in a bit of a bind. I was, as I'm sure you guessed, going to set this next scene in the office of Doctor Jordan Shipman, hospital clerk. This was the room used previously as a makeshift interrogation venue by Elizabeth and company.

Unfortunately, upon reviewing the pages in that room I realized that it is… really not my best work in terms of location design. I was very cramped for time during that section of the comic and I didn't actually draw out a layout for that room first. It shows, the room doesn't really work very well from most angles.

So I need suggestions for where they might take their pizza to eat it.

Things to remember:

1. It's raining outside.
2. The basement is still flooded.
3. The building has recovered power but has been partially evacuated due to monsters and flooding.
4. There are a considerable number of confused police in the building, mostly around the ambulance dock and the emergency entrance.
5. While Bina and Amie are unfamiliar with the building, Kendra knows it pretty well. She comes here a lot to meet Mel and drop off her niece. If there's a cool out-of-the-way place, she'd probably know about it.
6. One wing of the hospital is shut down.
7. One wing of the hospital is under construction.
8. They're hungry and nobody, save Kendra, has proper shoes, so they're probably going to stay inside the hospital.

All suggestions are welcome but suggestions with reference pictures will get extra smiles.


I thiiiiink I found this through a list of webcomics on TVTropes though I could not for the life of me remember exactly. But it's been so great to be a part of this and see it all unfolding- I love Bina and Kendra, and I love the plot and the mystery, and I'm so excited for any kind of reveal.

Thanks sequintial! I'm really glad you're enjoying yourself! I know tvtropes is a great place to find cool stories but I always lose sooo much time whenever I visit.