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To the construction site with all haste!

>You're a third of this man's weight and I really doubt you can find a gun or anything decent to defend yourself with. Go out the fire door and go to the closest available phone.

yeah run and call the police!

plus if you run now, not only do you get a headstart for him chasing you, but him chasing you means he isn't hurting the traffic enforcer!

> Bina: You would help her more by leaving immediately and contacting ACTUAL law enforcement officers

> Sure you'll feel bad for leaving the lady but, if you can escape and get the cops to investigate you'll save so many more people!

> Lock Gregor in the basement. Then use the emergency exit. Even if it makes a loud noise, he'll be distracted with the lock for long enough for you to get away.

Who is she kidding?

She's not going to be able to help whoever is in the office over there. She can barely help herself, and that's just because Gregor seems to think she's on his side… or something. She needs to get out of here. Now, and call someone who knows what they're doing.

She steps past her laundry and walks, quietly past the open door, sure that Gregor or the traffic enforcement woman will see her and say something, but neither of them do. The woman is shouting again and Gregor is trying to talk over her in Russian.

Neither of them notice her as she creeps by the room.

She makes sure not to look. She doesn't think she could handle seeing the woman's face right now.

The sluggish hot air of the laundromat feels like needles of ice. Her skin prickles, and the hair on the back of her neck stands on end.

Gregor will hear her, he'll see, he'll know.

Her bones creak. Her arm itches. She pictures Petrovich, throwing out his hands, telling his story of how his nephew hit him in the back of the head. Pow. Just like that.

Something will happen!

But, foot by foot, step by step, it doesn't.