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> Head down to the snack machine.

Bina goes over to the snack machine.

Smash the snack machine. Reap spoils.

Bina doesn't think she can do that. The machine is really sturdy looking.

> Ponder why your tired mind would mistake change for meat.

It wouldn't. Which is why it didn't!

This is because Bina is perfectly sane. Only crazy people see things that aren't really there and Bina is DEFINITELY not crazy, or hallucinating, or anything.

I mean, yeah, she hasn't really slept in about 22 hours, but you're not supposed to start seeing things until you haven't slept for days.


Not that she IS seeing things or anything. Because that's not happening.

Not happening at all.

>Eat all the noms. All of it.

She'd love too because despite sort of freaking out a little, Bina is really hungry. What should she buy?

Remember, she's only got $1.35, any more than that and she'll have to put both loads of laundry into a single dryer, and she's not sure if they'll get REALLY dry that way, or only sorta dry.