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Actually, the letter can't be completely all doom-an-gloom. I don't think Amie is THAT good an actress–her handling of the Naughts was more like inspired Warner Bros desperation (worked all the time for B.B. after all)–and she didn't look horribly flustered when she came 'round the corner. Confused, maybe, but not like "I know what's going to happen to Ned Stark." kind of upset.

"Is it bad?" asks Bina.

"Nah!" says Amie. "I dunno what it's for yet, but it's not bad."

"Why can't we read it?" asks Kendra.

"Errr…" says Amie, looking like she doesn't want to answer. "It's not both of you…"

"It's just me?" asks Kendra, frowning. "Why can't I read it?"

Wolph Strykes:
Oooh thought! Let the note BE from Kendra!

"'Cause it's from you." suggests Amie. "It's signed 'Kendra' and future-you says not to show past-you or bad stuff will happen."

"Why would I write something I'm not allowed to read?"


Tyler Shelton:
Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd…..done! Caught up. Phew. Now the only question is, what time of day do I need to be checking this thing if I want in on making suggestions?

Hi Tyler! Xooxu is absolutely correct

Zach normally updates in the middle of the night on the east coast. Usually comments made before midnight get used, so you can check anytime, really.

Suggestions from pretty much any time of day can and will get used.

Thank you for reading and I'm glad you caught up! :)