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> Take this moment of silence to organize your thoughts. It'll likely be awhile before you have some more quality time to think.

"I dunno how we do this Kendra," says Bina, staring at the flourescent lights.

"We stopped the patients and hospital people from getting taken, which is good, but we're the ones who put them in danger in the first place. No power to the hospital for almost an hour. Who knows how much water damage…"

"Did we even hurt it? Did this hurt it? Did shutting down Gregor hurt it? I don't even know if it can be hurt, like… if that kind of concept even applies to it. I don't even know if it can bleed and I want to try to kill it. 'Cause I do. I don't just want to stop it here, it'll go somewhere else, try something else. We have to stop it here…"

Bina sighs.

"It tried to talk to me Kendra. Did I tell you that? It tried to talk to me in my dreams, while you were saving my life. It didn't make a lot of sense but… it was frustrated that I wasn't doing what it wanted. It was frustrated and it wore my girlfriends face…"

She trails off.

"Do frustration and manipulation seems… I dunno… out of character, for a giant bug from space to you?"


"Kendra, are you ok?"