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>Oh snap, hope that wasn't Josephine.

It's not Josephine. The voice is significantly higher, and sounds modern. It bares no resemblance to the clipped, early 1900's accent of the scientist.

> Did you pick up any of the French?

The woman spoke really fast, but what Bina thinks she said was something along the lines of "You crazy bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing? Let me go! I'm not a cop, I'm #$%!ing traffic enforcement! I don't care what you're up to in here, just let met go!"

This situation just gets better and better.

Sacre Bleu! Did Gregor leave the key in the door? Unlock it FIRST, and pocket the key, but don't scram yet; somebody is in peril!

If key is not in door, finish loading dryer.

No, Bina clearly remembers Gregor pocketing the key.

But, that door back there, the one with the exit sign, past the snack machine? That one is a fire door. It has a press-bar. She remembers from when she was getting cookies.

Opening it might set off the fire alarm and make a big racket, but it SHOULD open into the construction site. She doesn't really want to go into the construction site, but it would be better then saying here with Gregor.

But… she's pretty sure she couldn't live with herself if she just left another person in Gregor's hands without at least trying to help them.

Aargh. Indecision! Bina doesn't know what to do next.

In the employees only area, the not-police-woman says something low that Bina can't hear, and then there's another scraping noise.

She realizes that she's scratching her arm again.


Green lady?
Scraping metal?
Clearly Gregor is hiding the statue of liberty.

Vero! I totally forgot to respond to this and it is awesome! Thank you!