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"Can they, you know, wash it out?"

"I told Emmie and Mel about that whole thing, so they're going to try, if they can explain it to the rest of the surgical people without sounding crazy, but… I don't know Bina - I just - I don't know. Maybe."

"Is Amie-"

"Trying to find some pants, last I saw. She said she'd come find us."


It's quiet save for the distant sound of cars in rain.

Time oozes by.


Alright, I've finally caught up today! I was kinda surprised at first, when I noticed there wasn't a next button, haha! Anyway, this comic's great, thanks for everything you've done so far Zach!

Hi! Thank you for reading and thanks for catching all the way up!

Do you mind me asking, where did you hear about this from? I have been told that I should probably do some promotion for this thing, and I don't really know where to start.