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>Naughts: Either collapse or vanish.

"Holy shit!"

"Is everyone OK?"

"Kkkkkwwwaaaauuught - Oh god! Eurgh! Eewww! I am never going to get the taste of that things -"

"I'm fine Mel but Elizabeth's shot. Emmie, can you-?"

"Oh dear, this, this is not good-"

"What in gods name just happened!?"

"Is that winter-coat wearing bastard-"

"Still breathing."

"Pity that."

"He's shot too."

"Putting bracelets on him anyway."

"Am I dead?"

"You're standing on my hand!"

>Oh, hey, it's raining doctors and you're in the middle (well, bottom) of a hospital. Convienant for that gunshot victim a few feet away from you.

"Doc Jacobs? Is that you down there?"

"I… think so. Did - did any of that really just happen? Did you all see-"

"I'm sorry, yes, it was real, but we have a bad puncture wound here. I know you're probably not in any condition to-"

"I don't - uh - I'll - is that you Doctor Renaudin? I've lost my glasses somewhere and it's very dark down here."

"Yes! It's me. Please hurry! I need more skilled hands."

"Is she going to be ok?"

"Back up Amie! Back up! You're not helping."


"Go down the hall, to the left, there'll be a red door. OK? That's should be a storage closet. You! Cop guy! Go with her! Bring towels and a stretcher now! Emmie, we have to get her out of the mud."

"Can we get some light over here? I think this guy has a broken leg."

"I'm fine! Go help someone else."

"I've got my flashlight here somewhere…"

"Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaaah!"

"Yeah, well you nearly drowned me trying to stand up, so maybe not so much."

"Edith? Is that you? I can't see!"

"You're all over mud dear, so is everyone else, and it's dark. Whoever that is screaming, cut it out! You're not impressing anyone."

"I guess I could take a look - do you have any idea what - oh Jesus Christ on a pogo-stick, you weren't kidding. Close range with a nasty big handgun if I'm any judge. When did this happen?"

"Two minutes ago?"

"If that."

"That's a blessing then, where are we?"

"We could really use some light down here!"

"Er… I'm pretty sure the generators will click over to the other circuit now that there's nothing draining the pow-


Wait, I… I… I finally caught up?

Oh, while I'm here I may as well ask… Are we ever going to get that explanation for the retcons?

Hi masterax2000!

Thanks for reading!

The retcons are… still a bit of a mess to be honest. I still haven't found the time to finish the second one so it's all a bit garbled.

Smurfton hit all the main points right on the head. They happen when someone changes the past in an obvious way (ruining a painting, writing a message on a door, etc.). In the code for the site, you have to have read past the point at which the change to the timeline had happened, and then back up to the modified section of the story. When you do that, you get the little 'switch timelines' button that takes you to the alternate version.

It's… a little clumsy to be honest, but I'm not sure how to make it easier to follow what's happening. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear it. Maybe I could include back-links to the retcons on the page where the changes are made?

I dunno. I love them as a concept, but they're a huge headache to manage on every level.