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"No," says Gregor, and makes an awkward gesture with his bleeding left arm.

Near the door there are shouts and cries of alarm. Melissa starts swearing very loud. He's woken the naughts in the hallway.

Bina ignores this, just like she ignores the fact that if Elizabeth is still alive, she won't be for long.

They'll all just have to manage.

She focuses on Gregor.

Better expand on that fast, Bina, if he's as much of a zealot as he seems, he's not going to listen very well to you bad-mouthing the Green Lady. And talking should keep him from shooting and delay everything until Amie can do some TV magic.

"That was the deal, right? You work for her, you do all this, you get your dog back, right? But she didn't come through. You think that thing is your dog?"

"Be quiet."

"She played you. Why do you think that thing looks like that? Why does she move so weird? Why is her back still broken from when she was run over? Your Green Lady didn't give you your dog back, she cut her in half."

"You do not talk about things you know nothing about!"

"She gave you the bad half, the leftovers, the scraps. That's not a dog, that's a waterlogged corpse. The real half, the important half, the part that lives and breathes and loves? Where's that Gregor? Where is she?"

"You. Will. Not. Talk!"


>Bina: Take advantage of Dr. Who plot armor, point gun to your head for dramatic effect as you explain the dog that lives in there.

Jack, please take a moment to appreciate that your adventure has made me type up a sentence like that, and have it make sense.

I do! I really do. I am amazed we have all managed to climb out this far on a branch together and I am incredible grateful that you're all sticking with me!