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…I don't think Not-Piotyr will be happy about this.

"Holy heck, you weren't kidding about the dog. Is she -"

"Stuck? Yeah."

"Lets not go near her," says Bina. "Ever."

"That's seems like the best plan," says Kendra.

The enormous animal strains forward, not thrashing as before, just a constant straining reach. It's no use though, as it doesn't seem able to move it's left front leg.

'I'm in shock, right?' thinks Bina. 'I should be in shock. A normal person would be in shock right now.'

"Is there a portal out there too?" asks Kendra.

"I don't think so," says Bina. "It's more like she rebuilds herself out of the mud."



There's a pause while they both stare at the dog.

How's closing that portal coming?

"We should probably turn off the time machine, you think?"

"Yes! Lets do that!"